Acupuncture Sports Medicine Webinar Series - Course 10

Lateral Knee Pain: Ilio-Tibial Band

By Whitfield Reaves

Whitfield Reaves explains the most effective and reliable treatment protocols for Lateral Knee Pain.
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Total CPDs: 1
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Course Overview

Lateral Knee Pain: Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome Ilio-tibial band syndrome is the most common cause of lateral knee pain, and involves pain in the lateral knee and thigh. It is a sports injury that every acupuncturist should become proficient in treating, as it is common, and responds well to acupuncture treatment. Tight ilio-tibial bands can be seen in the non-athletic population, and they respond well to the techniques discussed in this webinar. The injury is at the level of the muscles and tendons, with qi and blood stagnation in the channels and collaterals. This case is clearly Gall Bladder meridian pathology. Sometimes the diagnosis of wind (feng) may be used for the “popping” and “snapping” pain at the lateral knee. Local points including Gall Bladder 34, Gall Bladder 33, and Gall Bladder 31 often work well, especially when combined with distal points. However, treatment of the gluteus medius muscle is essential. This may be one of the most effective and reliable treatment protocols, according to the clinical experience of webinar instructor Whitfield Reaves. The location of the extraordinary point Jiankua will be described, which the practitioner will find extremely useful in this condition, as well as other hip and gluteal conditions.

Course Objectives

  • To use palpation in order to diagnose involvement of the distal ilio-tibial band.
  • To use palpation in order to diagnose involvement of the gluteus medius.
  • To know two non-local treatments that may be used in the treatment of the condition.
  • To be able to describe needle technique on the local zone of the distal ilio-tibial band and point Gall Bladder 33.
  • To be able to describe needle technique at the site of the gluteus medius and point Jiankua.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 min
Review anatomy of knee.
15 min - 30 min
Clinical assessment of pathology of the knee.
30 min - 45 min
Demonstration of assessment techniques.
45 min - 1 hrs
Demonstration of needling techniques.
I found the pace of this session to be very good. Lots of information was presented.
Gordon T. - Canada
Did lots of explaining and love the way Dr. Reaves brings his perspective to the webinar based on years of clinical observation.
Elena S. - Canada
Found this a very useful seminar, with both classic prescriptions and modern techniques integrated together for a logical treatment plan
Alex B. - United Kingdom
This course was excellent to provide more detail information for diagnosing and treating IT band syndrome.
Christine O. - Canada
I love the way Whitfield teaches. Its exactly the way I like to learn, clear, direct, simple.
Wendy B. - United States
Wonderful course. Organized, articulate, right paced, thorough, humble, densely packed useful information.
Dan L. - United States
The webinars give clear, detailed approaches to diagnosis and treatment that you can immediately apply. Very helpful.
Henry B. - United States
Another excellent summary of the information and techniques needed to effectively treat a common musculoskeletal problem.
Lisa S. - United States


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Taught by Whitfield Reaves

In practice for over 30 years, Whitfield Reaves, OMD, L.Ac., specializes in the field of sports medicine. Being in the forefront of the acupuncture sports medicine field, Whitfield's experience includes working with athletes at the 1984 LA Olympic Games
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