CPD-CERT Providing Educational Courses Online

CPD-CERT is a continuing education learning platform who in partnership with Net of Knowledge brings you one of the largest selections of online educational materials on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and other integrative health professions. The platform has been built for practitioners by practitioners providing the tools for success, for both in their treatments and their practice by connecting practitioners to expert teachers from around the world and providing an engaging digital environment for you to learn in.

At CPD-CERT, we value the wisdom from the great health traditions that our field rides upon. Our cohesive purpose with Net of Knowledge is to always be learning, and to continue to master the skills that make lives better. We endeavour to inspire and support integrative health practitioners like you to achieve the same in the important work that you do. Our mission, together, is to fully support your pursuit of knowledge and growth, so you can contribute most effectively to the wellbeing of your patients and communities. Come join us, and start learning on Net of Knowledge today!

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