Signs of Sexuality in Chinese Facial Diagnosis

By Lillian Bridges

Lillian Bridges uses the 5 elements within Facial Diagnosis to explore signs of Sexuality.
Total CPDs: 6
Total CPDs: 6
IVAS (6), Standard Certificate (6), NCCAOM (6)
Access Period: Lifetime
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Course Overview

In ancient Chinese medicine, the pictograph for sex is ‘Boiling Water.’ This implies that sexuality involves the element of Water, which symbolizes the desire for procreation, the element of Wood, for sexual drive and performance, the element of Fire for sexual excitement, and for orgasm. The Earth element contributes affection and sexual bonding, and the Metal element contributes fantasy and self-knowledge about sexual desires. In this 6-hour recorded workshop, participants will learn how to read the signs of sexuality that are apparent in Chinese Facial Diagnosis within the Five-Element framework. Diagnostically, the problems with sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, and signs of hormonal fluctuations will be discussed, in relation to facial features. Treatment plans will be advised physiologically and psycho-emotionally and from the perspective of ancient Daoist alchemy, presented in a practical and updated way. The webinar will include fertility, conception, pregnancy issues, and reproductive organ health signs as they show on the face.

Course Objectives

  • Students will learn how to read the signs of sexuality that are apparent in Chinese Facial Diagnosis, within the Five Element framework.
  • Students will understand the problems with sexual desire, sexual dysfunction, hormal fluctuations, and how they relate to facial features.
  • Students will understand how treatment plans can benefit the patient both physiologically and psycho-emotionally, and how they relate to the perspective of ancient Daoist alchemy.
  • Students will have a deeper comprehension of issues surrounding fertility, conception, pregnancy, and reproductive organs, and how they appear and to locate them on the face.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1.5 hrs
Five elements of the face diagnostic and significance.
1.5 hrs - 3.25 hrs
Five elements of the face continued.
3.25 hrs - 6 hrs
Application of material to Chinese medicine and recorded cases including fertility, sexual function, and solutions.
Lillian Bridges shares a wealth of knowledge from her experience and training as an expert face reader. I always learn so much from her classes.
Rose R. - United States
Lillian is so good to listen to. She talks for an hour but it seems like you can go on and on listenting to her. Many pearls of wisdom passed down.
Kathy K. - Canada
This course was quite informative in regards to recognizing sexual/sensual traits in people, whether it be for clinic and fertility questions or for personal use.
Rita W. - Canada


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Taught by Lillian Bridges

An authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis, Lillian Bridges has been teaching for over 30 years on the topic, and is the founder of The Lotus Institute. She is a featured speaker worldwide.
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