Practice Management - Course 1

Client Flow

By Ward Willison

Without clients you do not need a clinic. How do you fill it up and have your clients keep it that way? Find out here, from basic to advanced. Step by step it is simply a matter of doing it. You can actually have a full clinic all the time. I do.
Total CPDs: 8
Total CPDs: 8
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Course Overview

Without clients in your clinic, you do not need a clinic. Years of school, work and the money could all be gone. Get a plan for getting and keeping clients using offline, online and in clinic methods. This course covers simple to sophisticated tactics and strategy’s for filling up your clinic. You will get the “inside look” at the numbers and what I did to get to the point where I do over 2500 clients a year, for years and years. I will show you how I trained my clients to do the marketing, and also guide you how to do it faster and easier from the lessons learned since I started in 1996. You can have a busy clinic, a smooth running business, excellent income and the life you dream of. Take the step towards success in this business. Watch this, the first course in the four part Business Flow series, and get busy.

Course Objectives

  • Identify client acquisition tactics and skills for offline, online and in the clinic.
  • Learn skills to build out marketing and sales material and how to deliver it.
  • Learn how to build a routine for patients from the welcome door to leaving the clinic.
  • Understand the value and steps of communication excellence with patients and the general population.
  • Build a marketing and sales plan and how to action it, in a way that you can manage.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrs
Learn to populating a clinic, action steps, skills required. Break that down to 4 quadrants of skills. This video production focuses on the first quadrant, called Client Flow. Client acquisition, management, retention and marketing systems.
1 hrs - 2 hrs
Communication is key. Walk students through how to learn and practice the first 2 levels of difficulty in getting to communication excellence all while recruiting clients.
2 hrs - 3 hrs
Leading students to more advanced applications and opportunities to lean and practice all 4 steps to communication excellence.
3 hrs - 4 hrs
Intake form and first visit is broken down into steps, taught to give the patient the best clinical experience and the info needed to to a care plan. That results in health improving, committed to care and referring their network to you.
4 hrs - 5 hrs
By worksheets and examples the student will learn online marketing, content building, website, blog, social media builds. How to make content so the patient understands the message and is increases their engagement with the clinic.
5 hrs - 6 hrs
Referrals and Reviews, how to get them, use them appropriately and reply to negative ones. How the use of Marketing Copy (the words used) is very important for SEO results.
6 hrs - 7 hrs
The Marketing roll out, 23 guiding worksheets, 4 levels. The step by step nature of the sheets allows the student to focus on project sizes that are do-able. Walking them into success.
7 hrs - 8 hrs
Completing the marketing roll out. Closing remarks and stories of how you need to hang in there long enough to let all of this work. When you do, you will have taken a giant step towards success in life and practice.
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It addresses the successes and failures endured so you don't have to. Few talk about the business of being in business. Know your market!
Michelle S. - Canada


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Taught by Ward Willison

Success in Life and Practice—join Ward on a trip to your success: a business career, a near death accident, and apprenticing for 10 years with a master. His clinic does 2500+ clients with 3 months off a year, since 2008. Learn the processes that work!
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