Nervous System Disorders and Chinese Medicine

By Jeffrey Yuen

Jeffrey Yuen discusses acupuncture protocols for various TCM diagnosis and the differences between central and peripheral nervous systems.
Total CPDs: 10
Total CPDs: 10
IVAS (10), Standard Certificate (10), NCCAOM (10)
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Course Overview

As Chinese medicine continues to become integrated into the West, there are growing efforts to interface its rich resources with the Western medical paradigm. With the intentions that both systems can contribute enormously to each other – garnering both respect and enhanced healing potentials – clinicians are motivated to “learn” how to utilize and benefit from their respective wisdoms. One facet of Chinese medicine is their extensive understanding of feng-wind and its impact on motor activity, cognitive function, and emotional responses. This link is often made through the central nervous system with the brain and the spine as the focal areas, as well as their connections to the peripheral nerves, within Western medicine. Coming from a Chinese medical perspective, this course will explore the integration of its theories into the study of neurological conditions and more importantly, the strategies in treating and managing these issues.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of wind and its link to nervous system pathologies in TCM
  • Learn how pulses can help us select acupuncture points for various nervous system TCM diagnoses
  • Learn specific protocols for various TCM diagnoses relating to nervous system conditions
  • Differentiate between treating the peripheral versus central nervous systems

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrs
Wind and its Implications in TCM
1 hrs - 2 hrs
Influence of Blood on Wind
2 hrs - 3 hrs
Relationship between Qi and Wind
3 hrs - 5 hrs
How to treat wind through TCM
5 hrs - 6.5 hrs
Peripheral Nervous System - the Sinew Channels
6.5 hrs - 8 hrs
Central Nervous System – Brain and Spine
8 hrs - 10 hrs
Recorded Q&A and case studies
Such a brilliant man!!!
Marcus S. - United States
Great content and teaching!
Elizabeth S. - United States
Jeffrey Yuen is always a learning experience. His style of imparting information is direct and easy to comprehend with wonderful knowledge of the ancients and present day findings. Thanks to you, Master Yuen, I continue to grow in my skill as a healer.
Antoinette M. - United States
Jeffrey has a profound depth of knowledge and consistently delivers. A game-changer for me in self cultivation and understanding of Chinese medicine. He is a true blessing in our profession.
Paige O. - Australia
Jeffrey Yuen always has excellent seminars. His depth of knowledge is unbelievable. He has great ability to tie in emotional and spiritual aspects to why a patient is presenting with a physical problem.
Barbara M. - Canada
Jeffrey is amazing, he's teaching illuminates so many areas that are not otherwise tackled.
Claudie Pouget A. - France


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Taught by Jeffrey Yuen

An 88th generation Daoist Priest of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai and 26th generation of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai, Jeffrey Yuen is a Master of Classical Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Tai Ji Chuan, and Qi Gong. He lectures inte
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