Lingering Pathogens

A Hybrid Model for the Treatment of Lingering Pathogens & Persistent Immune Dysfunction

By Will Maclean

William Maclean analyzes types of pathogens that linger in levels of Qi, Shaoyang, Ying, and Blood. As well, he explains the findings and treatment used in expelling the pathogens.
Total CPDs: 10
Total CPDs: 10
IVAS (10), NCCAOM (10), Standard Certificate (10)
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Course Overview

Persistent infection and chronic immune dysfunction are common problems in the clinic. They may be due to an unresolved or persistent viral, bacterial, amoebic or fungal infection, or the result of an immune imbalance due to an immune reaction to chemicals, chemotherapy, radiation or severe emotional trauma. Clinical experience shows that pathogens that get trapped in the body tend to be located in distinct and clearly defined locations. These locations can be precisely determined. The types of pathogens involved also tend to transform once in the body into one of only two types. The key to expelling (venting) pathogens from the body and correcting the immune dysfunction is to clearly determine the type of pathogen involved and its precise location. This course presents an accessible and user friendly model that facilitates the analysis of the location and nature of the most commonly seen types of lingering pathogen. The model presented is based on twenty five years of clinical experience with immune problems, and is the result of drawing together and hybridizing the most clinically relevant sections of the Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Damage) and We Re Lun (Treatise on Warm Diseases). In the first section, the model is presented systematically, with an emphasis on the specific signs and symptoms characteristic of linger pathogens, and the specific examination techniques used to elicit them. Each section is illustrated and the methodology reinforced by numerous cases from the presenters practice. In the second section, we will look at the special treatment strategies required to eliminate pathogens, repair any damage done, and restore balance to the body. Traditionally, the primary treatment method has been herbal, but the presenter finds that specific acupuncture protocols can be effective for some types of lingering pathogen. Specific formulas and acupuncture protocols will be discussed in detail.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the concept of a lingering pathogen, and how to identify its presence in the body.
  • To understand how to use the model presented to analyze and organize information clearly to come to a clear and rational diagnosis, and to formulate a rational treatment strategy.
  • To become familiar with the herbal and acupuncture techniques necessary for expelling pathogens from the body and restoring homeostasis.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrs
Introduction to the background and historical concepts; lingering pathogens in the context of a modern clinical practice.
1 hrs - 2 hrs
Description of the strengths and limitations of the model; where the model is derived from.
2 hrs - 3 hrs
The pathogens described in the model; why these pathogens are prominent; concept of scaling in terms of severity; difference between heat and damp heat.
3 hrs - 4 hrs
The levels that pathogens are located at; the hybridization model and why it works in the modern clinic.
4 hrs - 5 hrs
Detailed description of the levels – qi level, shaoyang, ying and blood levels. How these levels differ and how pathogens move between them. Detailed analysis of how to identify a pathogen at a specific level.
5 hrs - 6 hrs
Etiology of lingering pathogens, and how to identify them from the physical and subjective findings. Specific features of lingering pathogens and examination techniques unique to their discovery, including physical findings, tongue and pulse characteristics.
6 hrs - 7 hrs
Treatment methods, with detail on how to evict specific pathogens from specific locations.
7 hrs - 8 hrs
Herbal formulas and acupuncture protocols for expelling lingering pathogens.
8 hrs - 9 hrs
Case histories and drilling of the diagnostic and analytical technique.
9 hrs - 10 hrs
Continuing case history analysis and refining diagnostic and therapeutic technique.
Absolutely a must for an acupuncturist. This course has given me a lot more confidence in this area. Robyn V
Robyn V. - Australia
This was super! It was presented succinctly and to the point. It made understanding the levels a pathogen travels so easy. And included easy protocols to evict these pathogens in patients who are often so complicated by the time they get to our office. I found this course filled in all the blanks with questions that arise in daily practice. The correct amount of repetition to sink in.
Kathy K. - Canada
This class is extremely relevant to what we see on a daily basis in the clinic and maybe even more relevant now with the emergence of COVID19.
Tamara W. - United States of America
A brilliantly stimulating, useful and brilliant presentation. Information that can be utilised in clinic immediately. Clear, knowledgable, stimulating and very easy to apply. Thank you.
Ehud T. - Australia
This course gives you a sound understanding of lingering pathogens. Would recommend it to all interested in this area of Chinese medicine.
Karen B. - Australia
Great course for anyone looking to deepen and brush up on their knowledge of pathogens that are common in today's contemporary clinic setting
Ryan W. - Australia
As an ND, I encounter many patients who present with lingering pathogen pictures. I have many options in my naturopathic toolbox, but after taking this course, I will be much more confident and likely to treat with the appropriate Chinese botanicals and acupuncture points. I have even gone back to some patient files to re-assess their post-viral fatigue diagnosis treatment plans, using the lingering pathogen model.
Corlyss H. - Canada
The instructor's depth of knowledge was very impressive. This course did a great deal to reinforce my knowledge of TCM theory.
John V. - United States of America
Interesting analysis of a reasonably commonly seen pattern in patients in modern clinic with extremely useful clinical protocols for management of said patterns.
Anthony M. - Canada
I found this course very informative answering many questions with regards to why there are times when no matter what one does there is no lasting effects, or that one must see a patient oftener than one would like. Looking forward to better results with some of my long time patients where I can move treatment times further apart giving them a better, healthier lifestyle.
Bonnie D. - Canada


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Taught by Will Maclean

A graduate of the Sydney College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Will Maclean, M.Sc.Chin. Med, Dip.TCM, Cert. Chin. Med, trained in China, and has practiced TCM for over 25 years. An author, Will teaches internationally and speaks on topics pertaining to acupuncture and herbal medicine.
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