Japanese Prickling Neuro-Stimulation Protocol



Learn an exiting new modality of nerve stimulation without using needles and see imediate results in pain relief.
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Course Overview

Prickling Neuro Stimulation is a relatively new form of needleless acupuncture developed by Dr. Hiroshi Nagata, a neurosurgeon in Japan. PNST is still an unknown entity in the field of acupuncture. It is used mainly for treating a variety of pain-related conditions. But its role in non-pain conditions is also known. PNST is an easy-to-incorporate protocol. It does not require the practitioner to insert needles. It applies a quick prickling stimulation to the skin surface with a pointed tool. The acupuncturist does not need a complicated diagnosis before starting treatment. It is siple to learn, fast, effective and pain-free form of treatment. It can be incorporated alongside classical acupuncture treatment if need be. This workshop explains all the theories associated with PNST including both the Western and Eastern explanations for the same. Some of the Western explanations include stimulation of the peripheral nerves with the PNST probe, dermatomal activation of the nerves to affect specific pain areas on the body, balancing of the autonomic nervous system, etc. Eastern explanations include mechanisms like mind-body integration, encourages the body to regain natural healing power, etc. Basic PNST protocol along with the point locations are explained in a very simplified manner using visual presentations. PNST for treating individual pain conditions is outlined in a lucid step-by-step manner.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to PNST.
  • Basic PNST treatment method with visual presentation.
  • Pathways of the upper and lower limb nerves.
  • Treatment of common pain conditions of upper and lower limbs.
  • Live presentation of treatmentn Protocol with PNST.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 min
Introduction to Prickling Neuro-Stimulation Protocol. Japanese Style treatment.
30 min - 1 hrs
Basic PNST treatment methods. Visual presentation of using of PNST probe for treatment.
1 hrs - 1.75 hrs
Visual presentation of basic PNST treatment protocol. Basic points used for giving treatment.
1.75 hrs - 2 hrs
Pathway of upper limb nerves. Their locations and how to use them in PNST practice.
2 hrs - 2.25 hrs
Pathway of lower limb nerves. The locations and confirmation of PNST effects.
2.25 hrs - 2.75 hrs
Treatment of common pain conditions with PNST. Pain conditions related to lower extremities.
2.75 hrs - 3.25 hrs
Treatemtn of common pain conditions with PNST. Pain condition related to upper extremities.
3.25 hrs - 4.25 hrs
Visual presentation of treatment methods used with PNST. Visual presentation of treatment methods used in various diseases.


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