Hand Moxa for All

By Dan Lobash

Hand moxibustion is a convenient and effective method of treatment to use in the clinic and at home. Dan Lobash shows that no matter what type of practitioner you are, or how experienced, hand moxibustion offers something for everyone!
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Total CPDs: 1
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Course Overview

Hand Moxa for All is for the neophyte as well as the advanced practitioner. The only prerequisite is that you understand that the complete human body exists by corresponding point principles on each hand. You will learn why you should definitely practice moxibustion on the hands. All of your clients should also learn and practice this. Whether you are a massage therapist, a physiotherapist, an acupuncturist, or any kind of health practitioner, you and your clients will definitely benefit. The primary requirement is that you practice it on yourself before recommending it to others. Watch this recording and learn how.

Course Objectives

  • To learn the benefits of hand moxibustion.
  • To understand the types of moxibustion available for the hand.
  • To understand combining moxibustion, needling, and pellets.
  • To understand the contraindications for hand moxibustion.
  • To learn 10 moxa treatment protocols for common problems.
  • To learn when and how to prescribe home moxibustion between clinic visits.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 min
What is Moxibustion: Conditions for use; Comparison of effects\on hand versus body; Benefits of hand versus body moxibustion.
15 min - 30 min
Methods of Hand Moxibustion: Benefits and Disadvantages: Smokeless chimneys; Smokey chimneys, Smokeless sticks; Smokey sticks; Thread moxa. Visual Comparisons of Hand versus Body Moxibustion.
30 min - 45 min
Examples from practice: 90 and back on the road; The Wheel Chair Runner; The Breech Baby; Hot Flash Miracle; The Lazarus Development. Combination Treatments: Needle > Moxa > Pellet > Home Trmt. Moxa > Pellet or Stiper > Home Trmt. Moxa > Home Trmt; Hand and Body? Application : Number on each point and frequency.
45 min - 1 hrs
Ten Common Protocols: Stomach problems, Mens’ Longevity, Womens’ Longevity, Whiplash, Shoulder Pain, Lower Back Pain, Headache, Upper Back Pain, GYN problems, Toothache. Summary
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Dan is a very clear, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. I look forward to more modules with him.
Deborah L. - United States
Excellent introduction to hand moxa, and tons of practical information that I can use right away on myself and in clinic.
Barbara P. - Canada
Dr. Dan Lobash is a very talented speaker.
Pedro V. - Brazil
I am very excited to use KHT and the speaker also seems very enthusiastic and I love listening to him speak about it.
Erin L. - United States


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Taught by Dan Lobash

Dr. Dan Lobash, Ph.D., L.Ac., practices KHT (Korean Hand Therapy) and Traditional Oriental Medicine and has been in practicing for over 30 years. He has taught KHT seminars internationally and is published in several TCM journals.
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