Medicinal Mushrooms and the Immune System

Functional Applications of Medicinal Mushrooms with the Immune System

By Mason Bresett

High yield, functional education on the impact of medicinal mushrooms effect on the immune system. Focusing more on modern than traditional ways of knowing, this webinar is for those looking to use mushrooms clinically via extracts and nutrition.
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Course Overview

Medicinal mushroom extracts are becoming a popular treatment strategy in today’s health and wellness industry. This webinar will present an overview on the impact of medicinal mushrooms on the immune system. A thorough look at the different physiological impacts mushrooms have on different immune cells and systems relating to the immune system will be a focal point. The webinar will also focus on dosing, safety and the importance of quality. Medicinal mushrooms have a reuptation for being key immune-modulators when working with acute, chronic and even autoimmune illnesses. Like plants, different species of mushrooms have different applications, active compounds, uses and contraindications. Because medicinal mushroom extracts are formed from food, there therapeutic index is quite large compared to other nutraceuticals and medications. Some of the most common medicinal mushrooms such as: lions mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, chaga, oyster, shiitake and maitake will be covered. Active compounds like ergothioneine, beta-glucans, triterpenes and ergosterol will be introduced. Mycological part (mycelium, mushroom and spore) classification will be covered. This mycological classification system is an important discussion point which will be touched on multiple times throughout the webinar. If you are curious about the modern advances and functional ways to include medicinal mushrooms into your practice, this is a great webinar for you.

Course Objectives

  • Participants will learn about the different forms and parts of medicinal mushrooms and the importance of quality.
  • Participants will learn about the different areas of the immune system that are impacted by medicinal mushrooms
  • Participants will learn about the most important compounds and mechanisms of actions for these compounds found in medicinal mushrooms
  • Participants will learn about the different species of mushrooms and their inherent differences and applications
  • Participants will be briefed about dosing, safety, drug interactions and contraindications.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 min
Introduction and Bio, types of products and life cycle of mushrooms, quality control and fungal parts.
15 min - 30 min
Effect of medicinal mushrooms on the immune system
30 min - 1 hrs
Specific mushroom actions and use, mechanism of action, active compounds and secondary systems medicinal mushrooms have an effect on
1 hrs - 1.25 hrs
Specific mushroom species, dosing, safety, drug interactions and contraindications
In the interest of natural medicine of the future, I would recommend this course Robyn V
Robyn V. - Australia
This was a very compact and useful overview of medicinal mushrooms. Every practitioner who uses mushrooms in practice should watch.
Ashley F. - United States of America
excellent and interesting presentation
danny s. - United States of America


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Taught by Mason Bresett

Mason is a naturopathic doctor and co-founder of The Health Creation Lab , a naturopathic primary care clinic in Sarnia, Ontario. Mason has extra training in herbal medicine and mycology. Mason has a deep respect for medicines from our earth (fungi, herbs, plants, and trees).
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