By Holly Guzman

Holly Guzman explores the source, production, grades, and applications of Moxa.
Total CPDs: 1
Total CPDs: 1
NCCAOM (1), Standard Certificate (1), IVAS (1)
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Course Overview

This is a one-hour seminar on moxa. The word for acupuncture in Chinese has both the character for needle and the character for moxa. Although a needle is always considered by Westerners to be in the word we translate as acupuncture, the other half of the word, moxa, was not translated into English. Knowing about moxa is a basic part of the practice of Chinese medicine. The seminar covers moxa’s botanical source, traditional and commercial preparations, how moxa is graded, why there are different types, and multiple forms of application. Emphasis will also be placed be on learning about the art of Japanese cone moxa, (o’kyu) as used in Kiiko Matsumoto Style (KMS) acupuncture. Visuals of the plant, the products, and applications will be shown.

Course Objectives

  • Students will gain additional familiarity with the usage of moxa
  • Students will learn precautions on various applications of moxa
  • Students will become familiar with the common Japanese application of o’kyu moxa

Course Outline

0 hrs - 30 min
Source, production, and grades of moxa will be covered
30 min - 1 hrs
Applications and precautions of moxa
Holly is an excellent teacher with a wealth of clinical experience. The video is well set up with clear demonstrations on the use of moxa.
Mary D. - Canada
A surprising amount of useful information provided in a short and concise format. Totally well produced video without so much as a wasted moment, unlike so many other distance learning courses. Fantastic!!! Definitely going to take my moxa treatment more seriously as therapy in the clinic.
Anne K. - United States
Holly Guzman is one of my favourite instructors. She always shares practical knowledge you can put to use right away.
Andrea H. - Canada
This course was great to show when and why to use moxa and how to do so safely.
Allison M. - Canada
Exceptionally detailed and clearly articulated, this course provides a great deal of information. It surpassed my expectations and rekindled my love of moxa!
Andrea C. - United States of America
A fantastic informative concise course. Holly has had extensive experience and provides great videos of the techniques and tools she discusses! Thank you
Joanne H. - Australia
This is a fantastic course! Short, precise, very helpful information that will help practitioners to offer needle free treatment for their patients as well as themselves. This instruction allows you to easily teach patients to treat themselves easily and effectively in midst of a pandemic that often prevents patients from being able t physically come into the office. This therapy could easily be incorporated into tele-medicine appointments.
Rebecca K. - United States of America
Holly is a wonderful teacher. The class is detailed and also, digestible. If you want to deepen your understanding of the moxa, I highly recommend it.
Sarah Samaya C. - United States
Holly is a blessing to our field, I feel privileged to know and learn from her work. I look forward to more e learning opportunities with her.
Therese P. - United States


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Taught by Holly Guzman

Having started her studies as a teenager, Holly Guzman, O.M.D., L.Ac., has been devoted to studying and practicing TCM for most of her life. Holly was part of the first graduating class of ACTCM; in addition to her private practice, she lectures internationally, teaches at Five Branches University, and is a contributing author to several health texts.
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