Chinese Face Reading in Business

By Lillian Bridges

Lillian Bridges utilizes the 5 element theory within Chinese Facial Reading to understand how it reflects a persons personality traits.
Total CPDs: 5
Total CPDs: 5
IVAS (5), NCCAOM (5), Standard Certificate (5)
Access Period: Lifetime
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Course Overview

People have traits which individualize them. These traits manifest in their talents, predispositions, and strengths. Chinese Face Reading helps recognize these tendencies, and how they are reflected in facial features. This can help to find the right person for the job, or the right job for the person. Recognizing such signs such as of one who: needs to be in charge, is a good cooperative follower, doesn't listen to others well, is a strongly practical person, is a strong intellectual, makes an ideal receptionist, or is a cautious investor, can all be helpful in our integrative working lives. This course also addresses the different five element qualities in work, and how to appreciate someone who works in a wood way, or in a metal way, and thus, enhance this value.

Course Objectives

  • To help students gain familiarity with the Chinese art of facial diagnosis
  • To teach how to apply 5 element theory to understanding a person’s physical appearance and how that reflects his/her personality traits
  • To use the wisdom of five element balancing to enhance how people work together

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1 hrs
Overview of traits of 5 elements in people, how it shows up in work habits and features.
1 hrs - 2 hrs
Recognition in style and facial features, ears, chins, eyebrows, jaws.
2 hrs - 3 hrs
Facial traits, eyes, noses, lips and how they are compared and analyzed in Chinese Facial Diagnosis.
3 hrs - 4 hrs
Tendencies of actions of people with different nostrils, cheekbones, purpose lines, facial structure
4 hrs - 5 hrs
Analysis of several famous leader's features, types of charisma/peach luck.
I absolutely love listening to Lillian's courses and I look forward to purchasing any future seminars. She keeps the audience engaged and thinking about all of the people in our lives and making sense of some of their behaviors.
Rachel M. - Canada
Fantastic course! Very insightful and practical information delivered in a fun way.
Amber B. - United States
I highly recommend this course this course to anyone who has ever looked at another person and wondered who they really are.
Susan G. - United States
Wonderful course. Definitely something all acupuncturists and business people could use.
Vincent H. - Canada
It was a very informative and sometimes rather amusing course! Every person I look at now tells me so much more about themselves than they can imagine. I really appreciate this added insight in clinic!
Rita W. - Canada
I love the face reading courses that I have taken. Very fascinating! So usable because everything is written on the face. So much to learn. It is a complete study on its own!
Gail M. - Canada


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Taught by Lillian Bridges

An authority on Face Reading and Diagnosis, Lillian Bridges has been teaching for over 30 years on the topic, and is the founder of The Lotus Institute. She is a featured speaker worldwide.
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