Acupuncture of Wandering Monks: Introduction to Saam Acupuncture

By Toby Daly

This is an introductory course that will teach you the fundementals of Saam acupuncture that will allow you to start using this method in your clinical work, and give a solid foundation that will allow you to go deeper with this method.
Total CPDs: 13
Total CPDs: 13
Standard Certificate (13), NCCAOM (13)
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Course Overview

Many of us where taught the Four-Needle method while in school, but actually learning it well enough to make use of the profound qi transfer potential that it’s capable of is another issue. The Four-Needle method works best when backed with the original set of diagnostics that help you to hone in on the channels that are most deficient or excess. And this is where the perspectives found in the Saam method are extremely helpful. Saam acupuncture uses a blend of the fives phases and six qi to assess imbalances. These imbalances are treated with four needles to powerfully tonify an organ or meridian by using Five Phase correspondences to promote the Generative cycle, and at the same time adding in the Controlling cycle to further boost the qi an organ or meridian. These treatments are not harmonizing, but when correctly employed they can restore balance to the overall system.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the classical foundations of Saam acupuncture
  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings from the Yi Jing, Su Wen, Five Phase and Six Conformation perspectives
  • Learn and apply the diagnostic parameters of the Saam system
  • Understand the clinical application of the counterbalanced organ pairs
  • Recognize mistreatment and reverse it

Course Outline

0 hrs - 1.5 hrs
Read Toby's article on The Classical Roots and Application of the Sa'am Acupuncture Tradition
1.5 hrs - 3.5 hrs
About the system, roots in the Yi Jing, Nei Jing, Five Phase and Six Conformation correspondences, organ excess presentations
3.5 hrs - 5.5 hrs
Organ excess presentations, considering excess and deficiency, correcting mistreatment, treatment strategies, clinical practicalities, needling considerations
5.5 hrs - 7.5 hrs
Why to only tonify in the beginning, four needle method, other needling considerations, the influence of needle gauge, using complexion to judge the correctness of treatment, correcting mistreatment, use of the back shu points to aid in diagnosis
7.5 hrs - 9 hrs
Recommendations for integrating into your practice, questions from day one, instructor clinical case studies and discussion
9 hrs - 10.5 hrs
Student case studies and discussion
10.5 hrs - 12 hrs
Further case studies and discussion
12 hrs - 13 hrs
Final questions, comments and closing
If you are looking for an effective tool in your clinical toolbox you need to take this course. I haven’t tried this method yet, but I know. Couple of practitioners that solely rely on this method and get great clinical results!
Violette M. - United States of America
This course was truly well put together and has helped me yield amazing clinical results. It is clear, concise and Toby does an amazing job of conveying his mentor's teachings while clearly defining what is his own additional experience or opinion.
Kari G. - United States of America
Great, complete SA'AM course that gives you enough understanding to begin using it immediately in clinic. If you are curious about SA'AM this is definitely the place to start.
Leona M. - United States of America
Helpful introduction to SA'AM. Includes theory and demos. Usable in clinic quickly. Powerful addition to clinical options.
Catherine/Kitty B. - United States of America
This is not justa great introduction to this system— you’ll be ready to treat patients successfully and be excited to learn more. RICH EXPERIENCE OF APPLIED CHINESE MEDICAL PHILOSOPHY.
Joselo G. - United States of America


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Taught by Toby Daly

Toby began studying Chinese medicine in 1997 with a Korean monk trained in the Saam tradition. In 2016, he completed a PhD in Classical Chinese Medicine under the guidance of Daoist priest Jeffery Yuen. His current focus is on sharing his clinical experience with the Saam tradition.
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