Master Class: Healing Sounds Organ Detoxification Qigong

Two Authentic Lineages: Li Qingyun & Hua Tuo

By David Lloyd

In this course, you will learn everything you need to get started practicing a Qigong practice called "Healing Sounds." This gentle exercise method is simple to learn, and you can practice at home or prescribe to your patients.
Total CPDs: 2
Total CPDs: 2
NCCAOM (2), Standard Certificate (2)
Access Period: Lifetime
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Course Overview

Why should you take this course? Do you feel physically stiff and run down? Do you feel tired and stressed out? Are you looking for a way to boost your health and vitality? If so, this course is just what you are looking for; in it, you will learn everything you need to get started practicing a unique form of healing Qigong Meditation called "Healing Sounds." This gentle method of exercise is simple to learn, and you can practice at home. Qigong has many proven health benefits. These benefits include: stress hormone reduction, improved sleep quality, increased range of motion and reduced muscle stiffness, better circulation, and much more! The Six Healing Sounds or Liu Zi Jue (六字訣) is a qigong method and involves the coordination of movement and breathing patterns with specific sounds. The sounds combined with the postures release trapped fasciae from around your organs. In this course, you will learn two distinct lineages of Healing Sounds Qigong, one from Hua Tuo (華佗) and the other from the Immortal Li Qingyun (李清雲). This is a unique opportunity. This course is an in-depth study that will take you from the most fundamental Qigong practice elements to the more advanced. If you have never practiced Qigong in your life, I designed this course for you. That said, you can also gain much value from this program if you are a seasoned practitioner of things like Meditation, Yoga, and Martial arts. That is why I titled this a "Master Course," it's for everyone.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the proper posture and breathing approach for general Qigong practice
  • Learn the history of both the Li Qingyun & Hua Lineage of Healing Sounds Qigong, as well as note the difference between each method.
  • Learn the theory behind healing sounds qigong
  • Understand the proper breathing approach and postures for the Li Qingyun Lineage of Healing Sounds.
  • Understand the proper breathing approach and postures for the Hua Tuo Lineage of Healing Sounds.

Course Outline

0 hrs - 15 min
What is Qi and What is Qigong?
15 min - 30 min
Healing Sounds Qigong: A Brief History
30 min - 45 min
The Science of Qi
45 min - 1 hrs
Basic Principles of Qigong
1 hrs - 1.5 hrs
Hua Tuo's Method of Healing Sounds Qigong
1.5 hrs - 1.75 hrs
Li Qingyun's Method of Healing Sounds Qigong
1.75 hrs - 2 hrs
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I recommend this course in the highest of terms for those TCM practitioners who teach and empower their patients with healing exercises.
Elizabeth M. - United States of America


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Taught by David Lloyd

David Hastings Lloyd, R.Ac, R.TCMP, has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine and Qigong for over 20 years and has also authored several books on these topics.
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