Diet and Nutrition

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  1. Course

    Acupuncture and Dietary Advice for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD)

    By Julian Scott
    Total CPDs: 1.5
    ADHD is a chronic condition marked by persistent inattention, hyperactivity, and sometimes impulsivity. Acupuncture is reported to be an effective non-pharmacological way to support ADHD treatment.
    ? £34.50

  2. Course

    Childhood Eczema

    By Julian Scott
    Total CPDs: 1
    Eczema is a common condition in children. When a child has eczema, there are many underlying factors that causes it. Determining it is a big part to finding the treatment solution. Learn how to construct a comprehensive treatment plan for parents.
    ? £23.00

  3. Course

    Diagnosing the Metal Element Organs from the Face

    Diagnosing lung and large Intestines pathologies from the face and foods to treat them.

    By Deirdre Courtney
    Analyzing lung and large intestine pathologies from the face and the foods that can help them. The areas discussed are the nose where we also see neck and back issues, the cheeks, cheekbones and lower lip where we see intestinal issues.
    ? £74.75

  4. Course

    Diet, Lifestyle, Acupoints, and Herbal Formulas Through the Seasons of Change

    By Christine Chang
    Total CPDs: 3
    For winter, spring, summer and fall, Christine Chang has the dietary and lifestyle recommendations for each season.
    ? £36.00

  5. Course

    Emotional Issues

    Treatment with Different Auriculotherapy Resources and Associations

    By Fernanda Mara dos Santos
    Total CPDs: 6.5
    This course will teach you to recognize the relationship between emotional imbalances and the functioning of internal organs, and how to treat them with auriculotherapy, systemic acupuncture and chinese therapeutic nutrition.
    ? £149.50

  6. Course

    Medicinal Mushrooms and the Immune System

    Functional Applications of Medicinal Mushrooms with the Immune System

    By Mason Bresett
    High yield, functional education on the impact of medicinal mushrooms effect on the immune system. Focusing more on modern than traditional ways of knowing, this webinar is for those looking to use mushrooms clinically via extracts and nutrition.
    ? £28.75

  7. Series

    Treating Children, Level 1: Foundations

    By Julian Scott
    Total CPDs: 11.5
    ? £262.20
  8. Course

    Treating Children, Level 1: Foundations - Course 1

    Module 1: Paediatric Assessment and Digestion

    By Julian Scott
    Total CPDs: 4
    This module is the first of a series that provides you with the essential tools to expand your acupuncture practice to include treating babies and children. This module is a perquisite for all other modules.
    ? £92.00

  9. Course

    Treating Children, Level 1: Foundations - Course 3

    Module 3: Constipation and Adjunctive Treatments

    By Julian Scott
    Total CPDs: 4
    Digestive health is the foundation of childhood development and constipation is common, either as a presenting complaint or as an additional symptom to another illness.This module covers aspects of diet in the treatment of children.
    ? £97.75

  10. Course

    Yin Yang & Four Types - Food as Medicine

    Classical dietetics for modern patients

    By Peter Torssell
    Total CPDs: 6.5
    A system of regulating health with food rooted in classical Chinese medicine. Each time you eat, you medicate yourself. The question is whether you get the effect you want.
    ? £117.00

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